Frequently Asked Questions

 Do you want to report a Trenton
 street light out or malfunctioning?
 Please click the picture to report it.

 What hours is City Hall open?

Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., except for designated holidays and weather emergencies. 


 How do I find my polling place?

If you are unsure of your precinct location, check out the Division of Elections page. After a few questions to obtain your home address, it will provide the precinct number and location where you will go to vote as well as list which district elections within the state in which you are able to vote.

 Where do I apply for a dog license?

Currently, dog licenses are not available in Gilchrist County, including the City of Trenton.  However, dogs, cats and ferrets must be vaccinated against rabies infection by a licensed veterinarian as written in the City of Trenton Animal Control Ordinance.

Sec. 14-35. - Rabies vaccination required for dogs, cats and ferrets.
(a) The owner of a dog, cat or ferret four months of age or older shall employ a veterinarian to vaccinate the animal against rabies.

For more animal requirements, please click on Animal Control Ordinance below:

 At what point does the City declare a weather emergency?

A weather emergency is declared when it is unsafe for public saftey vehicles, such as police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks to operate on the roadways. 

 When do we celebrate Halloween?

The date of October 31st  is officially Halloween in the City of Trenton.  However, during those years when October 31st falls on a Wednesday or a Sunday, Halloween will be celebrated in Trenton on October 30th. It is suggested that trick or treaters visit Trenton between 6 pm and 9 pm. 

Ayers Health and Rehabilitation facility has in the past set aside a special date/time for trick or treating at their facility.  Please contact them at 352-463-7101.  Some local churches may also sponsor a Fall Festival or Trunk 'n Treat.  You may also wish to contact individual churches in Trenton or check our local newspaper, The Gilchrist County Journal, for further information.

Click here to read Resolution 2007-09 about Halloween.

 When is garbage picked up?

The City of Trenton contracts with Waste Pro to provide garbage collection services every Tuesday and Friday. When there are designated holidays, pickup days are usually staggered one day later in the week.

Yard trash such as leaves and small twigs must be bagged. Branches must be cut to 3' lengths and tied together in bunches.  Both must be left by the curb. Waste Pro will pick them up one day a week on a day of their choosing. If you have left yard waste by the curb as directed and some is left behind, Waste Pro will pick it up the next week.

Waste Pro will collect large bulky items like couches and mattresses, but NO construction or demolition debris, appliances, or other hazardous materials such as flammables or tires.  Please contact City Hall if you have any questions about materials that are collected at 352-463-4000.

 Where and when may I pay my water bill?

The City of Trenton Water and Sewer Department is located at City Hall, 114 N. Main Street, Trenton, Florida 32693.  Water bills may be paid at the payment window just inside the front door of City Hall on the left from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, except on holidays. 

To facilitate after hours payments, a drop box is available in the front door of City Hall or online payments may be made. Call for more information, 352-463-4000.

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