Animal Control

Animal Control Office
Phone: 352-463-4084

On May 16, 2011, the City entered into an Interlocal Agency Agreement with Gilchrist County to provide Animal Control services to residents of the City.  The City also adopted the Gilchrist County Animal Control Ordinance in its entirety as the City Ordinance for Animal Control.  This helps Animal Control staff because the same Ordinance requirements are enforceable in both the City and the County.

To read the agreement, please scroll to the bottom of this page and click on Animal Control Agreement.  The Ordinance in effect in the City of Trenton is also there for you to read.  Please click on Animal Control Ordinance and familiarize yourself with its requirements, particularly if you are a pet owner.

There are some requirements regarding animals that you must know if you wish to keep a pet in the City of Trenton:
1. Current rabies vaccinations are required for dogs, cats and ferrets.  (see Animal Control Ordinance, Section 14-35.a);
2. Dogs may not run at large and are to be under the direct control at all times of the owner or a person competent to control such dog. (see Animal Control Ordinance, Section 14-41.a)

Since 1993, when the City's Land Development Regulations were adopted, certain animals/livestock may not be kept, housed or cared for within City limits except in areas zoned Agricultural.  These include poultry, cattle, swine, horses, goats and others.  If you have a question about zoning in the City, please contact City Hall at 352-463-4000.


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